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Name:Thea Queen
Birthdate:Jan 21
Location:United States of America

Thea Queen

Up until a few months ago Thea Queen was an average 20-something (a striking short haired brunette in great shape but otherwise a vanilla human. But she is an expert level archer and well trained in other forms of fighting) living in Starling City and happily running a nightclub along with dating Roy Harper while making peace with her brother after a rough few months (the death of their mother being just the tip of the iceberg). All that changed when the League of Assassins decided her brother Oliver would make a perfect eventual leader. She also became the target of their leader since by no fault of her own (she was brainwashed and only discovers this later) she was behind the death of the former Black Carary Sara Lance. After she was ambushed and eventual stabbed by Ra's Al Ghul she was snagged into a very new world and well she's at the moment a confused and messed up young woman on who knows how many levels.

Canon point: Last 10 minutes of "Broken Arrow" (when she was stabbed by Ra's Al Ghul) during season 3


This is an unofficial fan account created for the purpose of role playing at [community profile] ten_fwd (and eventually other places) ; I am not Thea Queen (or Willa Holland), who is the property of Arrow/DC TV/The CW Network. No copyright infringement is intended, and no profit is being made.

In other words simply an Arrow fan.

(For [personal profile] warehouse_mods)

Character: Thea Queen
Fandom: Arrow
Canon Point at Date of Arrival: Last 10 minutes of "Broken Arrow" (s3) during her fight against Ra's al Ghul (she was just stabbed and is grabbed when she crashes through the coffee table).
Can they be canon-punctured: No to CW verse Arrow/The Flash, yes to finding out there are other versions of Green Arrow.
Disclaimer: Not Thea Queen, not Willa Holland. I own neither and this profile/character concept is for The Warehouse RPG only. No profit is made from this journal. The Warehouse RPG is entirely fictional. This means that it is in no way real, nor do we the players believe it to be so.
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